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The Gathering 2024.05

Federal Acknowledgement

Thank you to all who have submitted items – we greatly appreciate it; it is very important and helpful to this journey. There is still time to submit anything you have to share! We are collecting any and all historical, spiritual and political (governance) information that will be used to create a historical and spiritual timeline leading from the 1852-1853 treaty up to now. Magazine articles, internet articles, personal (family) stories, books, research papers and any communications to or from us that show we are recognized by other entities as a Nation. Examples would be recent communications from federal government asking for our input into place name reconciliation act, other federally recognized tribes forwarding requests for tribal enrollment, ICWA inquiries, any communications between state or federal government representatives (state or federal legislators, governors or other state officials). Involvement of support for Oak Flat, Boarding School historical education, support for our Nations and other Tribal Nations cultural or political causes. Contacting scholars to see if they would help provide their research for the scattered Chiricahua. This is an all-hands-on deck situation and will need Council and Citizens of our Nation to accomplish.

The future of our Nation is in every Citizens hands!

Sovereign Nation of the Chiricahua Apache to Issue Official Identification Cards

In a historic move towards strengthening sovereignty and cultural identity, The Sovereign Nation of the Chiricahua Apache (SNOCA) has announced the forthcoming issuance of official SNOCA Identification Cards. This initiative marks a significant step in recognizing the unique heritage and status of our Nation of people.

For centuries, the Chiricahua Apache Nation has preserved its rich traditions, language, and customs. Now, with the introduction of these identification cards, tribal members will have a tangible symbol of their affiliation with the Nation. These cards will not only serve as proof of citizenship within the Nation but also honor the resilience and unity of the Chiricahua Apache people.

Further details about the roll-out process, including application procedures and distribution of the Identification Cards, will be announced in the coming weeks. The Sovereign Nation of the Chiricahua Apache encourages all eligible tribal members to participate in this momentous occasion as we continue to uphold our cultural legacy and sovereignty.

Stay tuned for updates on this significant development as SNOCA takes this progressive stride towards empowering its citizens and preserving its distinct identity.

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