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The Gathering 2023.10

Federal Acknowledgement It is time to begin collecting any and all historical, spiritual and political (governance) information that will be used to create a historical and spiritual timeline leading from the 1852-1853 treaty up to now. This is absolutely necessary… Read More »The Gathering 2023.10

Nde Gathering 2023

Citizens Invitation to Annual Nde Gathering September 2 & 3, 2023 in Monticello, NM Chiricahua Apache Nation/Sovereign Nation of the Chiricahua Apache Citizens are invited the Annual Nde Gathering 2023 on September 2nd and 3rd in Monticello, New Mexico near… Read More »Nde Gathering 2023

The Gathering 2023.06

Chiricahua Apache Nation Tribal Council would like to keep our citizens informed of Nation business, one form of delivering updates, news and information is through the Chiricahua Apache Nation newsletter – The Gathering. Citizen’s Corner Citizens interested in a seat… Read More »The Gathering 2023.06