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The Gathering 2023.02

New Year – New Beginnings – New Excitement!

Chiricahua Apache Nation council would like to keep our citizens informed of nation business.  As you may know the past year has been met with many challenges in our council structure.  We have managed to come out of the hardships with a renewed strength and focus. 

Prior council and current council have different ideas on how to achieve future goals.  We wish them all the best – we are all family after all.

The Chiricahua Apache Nation ~ Sovereign Nation of the Chiricahua Apache Council are dedicated to reclaiming our land, protecting our lands, obtaining more opportunities for our people, and strengthening our traditions. 

One direction we have chosen to pursue will be federal acknowledgement.  When the time comes, we will notify all citizens of the process and options. 

We would be interested in hearing from citizens with ideas, direction you would like to see us move, etc. Email those thoughts, ideas, concerns to [email protected].

If you are unsure, we get it!  These past couple of years have been confusing, we can assure you that roadblocks have been sorted out. 

We are building our new website, email and social media.  At this time the newsletter is how we will get our updates out there.  The website will be up and running shortly as that is the main hub for information!

We appreciate the patience of our citizens while we navigate these times.

Citizen’s Corner

In this section we look to highlight our citizens. Email us if you would like to add yourself or nominate a citizen that should be highlighted. Please include a phone number so that one of our council members can contact for confirmation and additional details if needed.

We have so many strong and talented citizens – let’s celebrate YOU!

Email Citizen’s Corner nomination to:

[email protected]

The Gathering newsletter was emailed to all citizens who we have an email address on file.

If you did NOT receive this by email, please contact us to provide your email address.

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