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The Gathering 2023.06

Chiricahua Apache Nation Tribal Council would like to keep our citizens informed of Nation business, one form of delivering updates, news and information is through the Chiricahua Apache Nation newsletter – The Gathering.

Citizen’s Corner

Citizens interested in a seat on Tribal Council please email [email protected].

We have many exciting things in the works and need to fill the vacant council seats.

We have a few links up on the website, if you haven’t checked it out we encourage you to do so!

We have so many strong and talented citizens – let’s celebrate! Email Citizen’s Corner nomination to [email protected].

Federal Acknowledgement

The federal acknowledgment packet has been finalized and should be emailed out this month to all citizens who requested it.  Corrections and additions did pass the initial deadline date, so any citizen who requested after that deadline will receive the packet.

Those who choose to submit the federal acknowledgement application will be given a deadline to return the completed packet.  Those who choose to not apply at this time will still be a citizen and will have an opportunity in the future to apply once we have federal status.

CAN Info…..

The Chiricahua Apache Nation ~ Sovereign Nation of the Chiricahua Apache Council are dedicated to reclaiming our land, protecting our lands, obtaining more opportunities for our people, and strengthening our traditions.  

We are  interested in hearing from citizens with ideas, direction you would like to see us move, etc. Email those thoughts, ideas, concerns to [email protected]

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